The champion Jorge Linares comes on October 4 to Venezuela

Linares con Machek a la izquierda y Grégory John a la derecha
Linares con Machek a la izquierda y Grégory John a la derecha

Jose Cuevas

Caracas, 25-09-2015.- Three-time world light monarch and current World Boxing Council (WBC) champion, Jorge Linares, Venezuela tread on 4 October, Saturday to defend 10 of the same month against Mexico’s Ivan Cano in the so-called «Battle «the Polyhedron of Caracas.

The gladiator Barinas, known in the boxing world as «Golden Boy», which will make the second defense of his world title of 61.2 kilograms (135 pounds), is in the final stage of preparation for the confrontation of the star boxing evening preparing Venezuelan Jupiter Fight Boxing promoter.

Linares was concentrated to two months in Japan, country of residence, then he traveled to the United States and completed his training in Venezuela.

His challenger, the Aztec Ivan «Macanón» Cano, also arrive in the country on October 4. The nickname is mentioned because it is a big puncher and every fist is as given with a club or a bat, according to rivals.

Cano has a record of 23 wins, 15 of which have come by way of knockout. While Linares has improved to 39 wins, 3 losses and 26 knockouts.

Joseph Machek, director of Jupiter, said the Russian Dmitry Chudinov and Alexander Ustinov,

Alfonso Blanco rivals and the Bolivian Saul Farah on the same card, come to Venezuela on Monday 28 September.

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