Gym build Dr. Gilberto Mendoza in Venezuela

Text: Hilmar Rojas Erazo

Press AMB. 29 September- In San Juan de los Morros in Guarico State, Venezuela are building the Combat Fitness Dr. Gilberto Mendoza.
Considered a project that will provide opportunities to practice sports in the area, plus the area is located near the stadium Pancho Pepe Croquer, we work to complete the building.
The structure of the building is ready and is in the details of finishing, finishing, painting and packaging so that residents can enter sports.
The home is named after the president of the WBA, although born in the state of Lara, is known in the country for its support for sports and social activities.
«There is much enthusiasm to work and finish the gym,» said the president of the WBA to know the progress of the premises.

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