Grove took over the WBA title Fedecaribe 130 pounds

Text: Hilmar Rojas Erazo

Press AMB. 30 September– WBA belt Fedecaribe super featherweight 130 pounds has an owner, the Panamanian Jaime Arboleda who won a unanimous decision Venezuelan Tony Gomez in a fight on Tuesday night at the Hotel Riu Panama City.

The fight was a war that left satisfied fans who enjoyed the evening, with both fighters fall at the start of combat.

The homeowner again sent to the canvas Venezuela, in the second act, and since then was master of everything that happened on the parquet, despite strong resistance from Gomez, who was not a pushover.

At the end of the fight agreed to nine rounds, the judges saw the home win from 88 to 84.5 89.5 to 82.5 and from 89.5 to 82.5.

With this result, Grove has the regional title and impeccable professional record after six fights, four of them won by the fast track.

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