Chudinov had no trouble in England

Text: Hilmar Rojas Erazo

Press AMB. 27 September Russian Fedor Chudinov had no trouble retaining his crown super middleweight 168-pound World Boxing Association, winning the British Frank Buglioni, at Wembley Arena, London, England.

Chudinov (14-0, 10 KO) always kept control of what was happening in the ring, he had command of all distances, and effectiveness in his punches so he won with 120-106, 118-108 cards, 117- Buglioni 109 (17-2-1,13 KO).

The applicant belt did everything to support the attack champion, and resist the full itinerary, even in the sixth assault after the bell, he hits Chudinov and sent him to the canvas. The referee Terry O’Connor deducted two points for action.

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